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Net Send compatible LAN Messenger - WinSent Messenger
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April 20, 2014
Do not miss our offer! Buy Winsent Messenger with 20% discount.

April 9, 2014
Winsent Messenger 2.6.37 has been released.

March 17, 2014
Winsent Messenger 2.6.36 has been released.

Simple LAN Messenger Boosts Productivity

Effortless Instant LAN Messaging with Winsent

Efficient cooperation between divisions is a pledge of successfulness of the company as a whole. Factoring in all crucial specifics of in-company communication, Winsent delivers probably the easiest and the most efficient way to send, receive and broadcast messages across a network!

Exchange Messages

Quick and effortless communication with colleagues and supervisors is often the cornerstone of high productivity of the firm. Winsent messenger allows you to chat with co-workers, ask questions and receive important notifications absolutely easy. No dedicated server or Internet connection is required!

Broadcast and Receive Alerts

Broadcasting of messages warns workers about upcoming server reboot, changed standards they should quickly reconsider, or can act like a global notification alert in case of some abrupt malfunctions or unplanned services in the office. With Winsent you can broadcast a LAN message virtually in a few clicks, and thanks to the read-only Winsent Innocenti client you can rest assured the employees don't spend all day chatting with each other.

Quick Deployment Meets Wide Compatibility

Thanks to the support of the net send command, Winsent enables sending and receiving messages across LAN computers with different operating systems installed, from Windows 2000 to 8. And Active Directory support allows setting up contact groups in minutes. The MSI installer comes as standard for quick deployment of the software on all computers in the network.

Download Winsent LAN Messenger and enjoy efficient communication!

Winsent Messenger 2.6.37
License: Trial, Size: 619 KB


Sent - a console utility for sending "net send" messages from command line of Window 7 (freeware). Read more: Net Send messages from command line of Windows 7.

Winsent Innocenti - a pared-down version of the Winsent Messenger, only allowing message receiving, without ability of sending (freeware). Read more: Net Send compatible LAN notification client.

Net Send SDK - a software development kit that allows developers to integrate instant messaging capabilities, based on "net send" protocol, into their own applications. Read more: Net Send SDK.